Dr Miroslav KukaMiroslav Kuka was born in Belgrade in 1968. Upon graduating from high school he went into the army (Pula, Novi Sad), where he enlisted in the Navy. After the army he began studies at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Belgrade - he graduated in 1993 from the Department of physics and engineering. Then at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade he enrolled in the graduate studies at the Department of Didactics - and acquired master's degree in 1998. He completed his Ph.D. in 2007 at the University of St. Clement of Ohrid in Macedonia, at the Pedagogical Faculty in Bitola. After graduation he was employed by the Serbian Ministry of Interior, the Security Information Agency, where he worked on operational matters. For the results achieved in 1995 he was awarded by the Serbian Ministry of Interior. On his own initiative in the late nineties he left the Serbian Ministry of Interior and started working as a teacher in a Belgrade school and from 2008 he taught at several universities in Serbia and the region. Shortly afterwards he established a security agency TETE - A - TETE SECURITY. By 1998, he actively engaged in martial arts and marathon swimming. He has written and published several books and textbooks on physics, mathematics, computer science, religion, esoteric, pedagogy and published numerous research papers in these areas. According to official data of the Institute for Textbooks and Teaching Resources from Belgrade, from 2001 - 2005 among the five best-selling books, were the three of his works: Elementary Physics through Theory, Examples, Problems, and Solutions → (book no. 6), Elementary Mathematics through Theory, Examples, Problems and Solutions → (book no. 8) and MS-DOS, Windows, MS-Word Internet - Learn the Rules of the Game → (book no. 11). He is the author of an interdisciplinary research project (2009) entitled: Re-definition of Education System in Serbia → (book no. 5). He is the author of pre-school education curriculum (2010) entitled: Kuka - Miletic Curriculum for Preschool Children → (book no. 54). He is the author of the accredited program of continuing professional development of teachers (2011). He is the author of accredited program for professional training of teachers (2011) approved by the Institute for the Advancement of Education entitled: Problem Teaching as Methodical and Didactic System → (book no. 55). He is one of the founders of the Republican Party of Serbia, and from 2001 to 2010 its president. He is the patron and organizer of a large number of humanitarian actions both in central Serbia and in Kosovo and Metohija. Since 2002, he has been extensively engaged in DIGITAL ART and his electronic images were reproduced in the thousands of copies and can be found in private collections around the world.


Fifteen-year active going in for martial arts and a bit shorter period for marathon swimming resulted in his winning a great number of awards both nationally and internationally. Over recent years his sport activities include professional and organizational assistance in work of a number of Belgrade martial arts clubs.

In 1990s, he achieved noteworthy work results in the operations of the State Security Department, and in 1995 his achievements brought him an award. By the end of 1990s, at his request, he left the State Security Department and employed as a professor in a Belgrade school.

Graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Science of Belgrade at the Department for Physics, mastered from the Faculty of Philospohy of Belgrade at the Department for Didactics and earned his Doctor’s Degree from the Faculty of Pedagogics of Bitola, Republic of Macedonia at the Department for Methodics. Delivers lectures at the greatre number of schools and Universities home and abroad.

Wrote about 60 books.His textbooks in physics, mathematics and information science are one of the best sold in Serbia and the books in religious, philosophic, esoteric and psychological themes are available in the markets outside Serbia. Basic activities in the books market are selling copyrights to the publishing houses.

Last 10 years successfully engaged in DIGITAL ART. Formed a team of promising designers participating in a number of exhibitions and competitions. His paintings are in private collections around the world.

He organizer is the owner of the agency TETE - A - TETE SECURITY dealing with physical and technical security of buildings, persons and their property. The agency has many its Branch Offices in Serbia having its Head Office in Belgrade.

The organizer is a sponsor of a huge number of humanitarian actions in Serbia and Kosovo regarding aid to children and displaced persons. He has been awarded a great number of Certificates of Appreciation and Acknowledgements for his activities in this field.



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